UMPC Trend baru dunia komputer

Intel sebagai produsen prosesor paling terkenal terus mengembangkan teknologinya untuk memenuhi kebutuhan komputasi mobile. UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) merupakan jawaban atas tuntutan kebutuhan kinerja yang optimal dengan ukuran yang portabel dan konsumsi dayanya sangat rendah. Laptop atau notebook dianggap terlalu besar dengan konsumsi daya yang kurang efisien. UMPC merupakan terobosan baru dunia komputer …

When developing a mobile computing platform, battery life is always a concern with device manufacturers. In the case of the Ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) platform, battery life has been a major issue since the devices typically use processors originally designed for notebook computers.

Currently, UMPCs using Intel-based notebook processors range from the lowly 900MHz Celeron M ULV processor (Asus R2H, Samsung Q1) to the 1.2GHz Core Solo U1400 processor (Sony VAIO UX). The problem though is that these processors provide the same performance as they would in a larger notebook, but are paired with a much smaller battery pack on UMPCs.

Intel is currently developing a mobile processor that is specifically aimed at the UMPC market to help ease the battery drain. The processor will be one of six new processors manufactured on Intel’s 45 nanometer manufacturing process.

The relief, however, won’t come immediately, according to Intel CEO Paul Otellini. “The new UltraMobile CPU is in addition to the first five. The first UltraMobile devices we’ll see in the latter part of the year.”

It is not known which OEM will be first to use the new processor, but the likely candidates include major players like Samsung, Sony, Asus, and TabletKiosk.

source: dailytech



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  1. matursuwun infonya.
    tapi seng inggrise mboten mudeng.
    mbok indonesia sma ja sekalian.

  2. Loh mz zuhri to. Hahaha..

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