Personal Super Komputer dengan 40-processing cores

Tyan’s new personal supercomputer features 40-processing cores – Tyan Announces T-650 Series Personal Supercomputer

Perkembangan komputer tidak sebatas pada PC, Mobile Computer dan Multimedia, di kelas mainstream dan super komputer berbagai inovasi terus dikembangkan. Intel sebagai produsen prosesor nomor wakhid terus memimpin  riset dan mengeluarkan produk terbaru

TyanPSC T-650 series personal supercomputers powered by Intel’s 50-watt quad-core Xeon processorsTyan Computer has announced its latest TyanPSC T-650 series personal supercomputers powered by Intel’s 50-watt quad-core Xeon processors. Tyan targets the TyanPSC T-650 series towards office environments. The new TyanPSC T-650 is a 5-node cluster with 40 CPU cores per system.

Dual, quad-core Intel Xeon L5320 processors clocked at 1.86 GHz power each node. The quad-core Xeon processors consume 50-watts per processor. Tyan rates the TyanPSC T-650 as consuming a maximum of 1400-watts total, with 40 CPU cores, while producing less than 52 decibels of noise.

“Our T-600 series personal supercomputers represent a tremendous leap for our customers who require performance-on-demand to reach their efficiency goals and get results. With the TyanPSC T-600 series, you just open the box, roll it into your office and plug it in. That’s what we provide our customers – hands on supercomputing,” said Eric Chang, general manager, High Performance Computing Product Group.

TyanPSC T-650 series supercomputers are available with Microsoft Windows Computer Cluster Server 2003 or Linux. Pricing starts at $20,000 USD for the supercomputer.

source: dailytech


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  1. Personal Super Komputer untuk saat ini masih terlalu mahal buat dimiliki oleh perorangan. Kapan bisa terjangkau oleh masyarakat umum?

  2. Bagus sih, tapi harganya? konsumsi daya listriknya juga besar sekali. bisa beli rakitan apa tidak ya? =)

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